About Danielle

Unison Care was founded by Danielle Foley in Sept 2011, however her journey as a private caregiver began in fall of 2007. Danielle grew up in the Beaconsfield, Quebec, and from a very young age Danielle had a strong desire to be around seniors beyond visiting her Grandparents in senior residences. 

She finally decided to follow her dream career path at the age of 30. She wasn’t sure how she could best serve Montreal seniors, however she knew it would fall in place with experience and time. It was no longer an option to wait, her desire to help seniors was a true calling.

After a few ads online, one senior client quickly turned into 2 , and then with 5 senior clients. She hired by the families to provide additional support on a long term routine basis.  She knew she had found her calling and realized she could be of real value and service to the local senior community.  

Danielle works to meet the needs of each senior requiring non-medical home support and then works with family members, care professionals, and trustees to ensure the daily and long term care needs are met at the highest standards. 

You can reach Danielle directly:

[email protected]nisoncare.ca

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