How can unison care help seniors in Montreal?

At unison care we offer personalized short home visits to seniors who live at home and residences in and around the island of Montreal.

In some cases family members or friends have been left in charge of a seniors care and are not able to physically be present as often as they would like. Doubts or fears that a senior loved one needs extra assistance at their place of residence is very common. 

When this is the case, you may need and additional onsite advocacy support with with a tailored senior plan local to where the senior lives. It is so important to know what is happening in a seniors home, hospital, residence or rehabilitation center or senior community living environment. 

Unison Care short home visits focus on seniors who are at the beginning stage of requiring extra support at home. Not every senior is ready to have a caregiver present in their personal space for 4 hours+ We will serve basic priority daily needs as well as send a report after each visit. 

As the care needs increase we will be able to guide you to reputable home care companies who will offer more hours of care or placement companies whom we partner with to ensure excellent future care.

*Our caregivers have experience working with seniors in homes and residences. They are also trained to assist seniors who have been diagnosed with different forms of dementia.