Non Medical Senior House Call Service in Montreal 

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The senior house call service consists of a short visit to check on seniors where they live, as well as send update to a family member, curator, or trustee

This service is beneficial for seniors who need a little bit of extra help with household tasks, meals, medication reminders,  companionship/conversation, and to be accompanied to appointments.

This service is offered by Danielle.  a private caregiver who will check in on a senior loved one(s) on a routine basis.  House call visits can also be ideal to supplement already existing care.

Danielle Foley, the director of Unison Care and a private caregiver has over 13+ years experience as a private caregiver for seniors, and has worked in seniors homes, residences (public and private), as well as hospitals. Danielle has the natural ability to connect with seniors who live with dementia and has worked mostly in memory care throughout her years in service. 

At the end of each visit a standard update by email is sent to the person in charge of the senior’s care. This important information allows the person in charge-you! to know how things are in general, and if there are any obvious issues/changes that you should be made aware of.

❤️This short routine house call visit can also be an excellent way to introduce home care.

private caregiver services for seniors in residence


Services Available Soon! (Receipts Provided)


Best of all you get one routine private caregiver!

✔️Medication Reminders and Monitoring (Self Administered by Client)
✔️Hygiene Care
✔️Exercise (Indoors/Outdoors)
✔️Conversation & Companionship
✔️Reminder to drink water and fill cups
✔️Water plants
✔️Bring in mail and paper
✔️Check temperature in the house and adjust if needed
✔️Serve breakfast, lunch, supper, or snack
✔️General Home-Check Up-observations of changes in behaviors
✔️Take out garbage/compost/recycling
✔️Make sure the phone is plugged in/ on charger/or charged to make and receive calls
✔️Ensure that plugs for medical equipment are secure and in place
✔️Check that all digital alert systems are working and plugged in
✔️Notify if more personal or household supplies are needed
✔️Set up table for next meal
✔️Change bed linens
✔️Set up night clothes and routine items as well as next day clothes
✔️Pick up or drop off of items
✔️Replenish food and water
✔️Change litter
✔️Change pee pad
✔️Notify family/or person in charge of care if food or supplies are needed

Contact Danielle Directly:

[email protected]

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