Are you looking a respite home care service in Montreal?

What makes this care company is that if offers personalized 1-2 HOUR home care services to clients

Knowing what types of home care services that are available in your local area in Montreal can be very valuable. So often families find themselves in emergency type situations and take the first care option that comes along simply because time is limited, and decisions need to be made quickly. Take the time now to see all your options in the event that care is required with little to no notice.  If you need help with ADL’s and are looking for personalized care services then we can help! 

Our objective is to make sure that clients feel valued and cared for each visit

Services Available (Receipts Provided)

✔️Medication Reminders and Monitoring (Bill 90 Trained P.A.B.)
✔️Hygiene Care
✔️Exercise (Indoors/Outdoors)
✔️Conversation & Companionship
✔️Reminder to drink water and fill cups
✔️Water plants
✔️Bring in mail and paper
✔️Check temperature in the house and adjust if needed
✔️Serve breakfast, lunch, supper, or snack
✔️General Home-Check Up-observations of changes in behaviors
✔️Take out garbage/compost/recycling
✔️Make sure the phone is plugged in/ on charger/or charged to make and receive calls
✔️Ensure that plugs for medical equipment are secure and in place
✔️Check that all digital alert systems are working and plugged in
✔️Notify if more personal or household supplies are needed
✔️Set up table for next meal
✔️Change bed linens
✔️Set up night clothes and routine items as well as next day clothes
✔️Pick up or drop off of items
✔️Replenish food and water
✔️Change litter
✔️Change pee pad
✔️Notify family/or person in charge of care if food or supplies are needed

Contact Danielle directly:

[email protected]

Danielle who owns and operates Unison Care Inc is a certified P.A.B. who will go above and beyond for her clients. Danielle is a caregiver that is experienced, trustworthy, and works well independently or with care facility staff.

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