Most Often Asked Questions

why unison care

FAQ’s Answered from Danielle

Q: Do you work for a home care agency?

Danielle: Unison Care Inc. is registered company in Quebec. I own and operate the business.

Q: How long has  Unison Care been open for business?

Danielle: Since Sept. 2011. 

Q: If I have an issue can  I can speak with you directly?

Danielle: Yes. You can speak directly with me during, or after a visit about any changes, or concerns.

Q: Are you a certified P.A.B (Prépose Aux Bénéficiaire)?

Danielle: YES! A recent graduate of W.I.C.C. West  Island Career College

Q: Do you provide a yearly tax receipt?

Danielle: Yes. I send out monthly invoices and a yearly statement. Present this to the accountant to take advantage of all the home care credits available. 

Q: Why a yearly tax receipt is so important…

Danielle: When you file your income taxes at the end of the year, the accountant will be able to enter the care service expenses and you will be able to take advantage of the ‘Home Support Services-QC Refund’ & the ‘Senior Tax Credit-Federal’.  You will receive a refund that will lower the overall care cost.

Q: How do you Invoice?

Danielle: Monthly. I send out a detailed invoice with a description of each visit. I accept e-transfer for easy payment.

Q: Why only 1-2 hours of service? 

Danielle: Many seniors in Montreal only need a small amount of support in and around their homes.

Q: Do you work on holidays?

Danielle: Yes. I will work on QC recognized Statutory holidays for $50/HOURLY RATE and $75/ House Call Visit 

Q: If I need more home support hours can I add them on as needed?

Danielle: If you require more than 1-2 hours of service on a routine basis I will refer you to a more suitable service.

Q: Do you take seniors to appointments? 

Danielle: I do not typically, mainly because 2 hours is often not enough time, however if it is planned ahead I can definitely arrange my schedule and add on 1 extra  hour.

Q: Do you have a criminal Record?

Danielle: NO

Q: Do you have a good driving record?

Danielle: Very Good (no accidents/speeding/tickets for 10+yrs)

Q: Do you speak French?

Danielle: Yes. English is first language but I live in Quebec so I manage quite well.

Q: Do you have references that I can speak with over the phone?

Danielle: Yes. I can send you contact information to references, or provide letters.

Q: What is the best way to get in touch with me?

Write a short email with a brief description of the services you are looking for and I will answer you promptly. You can also request time to speak over the phone and I will send you availability.


[email protected]