Our caregiver selection process

We require a minimum of 1-2 years experience is required working as a caregiver either privately or for an agency. 

P.A.B training is a bonus to have, but not necessary. What is most important to us is that our caregivers have a natural affinity to be with and help seniors with their daily non medical needs.

Our mission is to take the benefits of having a private caregiver and a home care agency and combine the two together to create a much more optimal personalized service and experience for seniors. What this will do it cause less third party intervening, and better overall communication between you and your caregiver. The caregivers we select have a larger role in the care provided, and take on more responsibility for their senior clients while on duty. 

We believe that hiring caregivers that are skilled, experienced and take initiative are what make a great caregiver experience, and leave your loved one always looking forward to the next senior house call.